Navigating the unknowns of property rentals can be challenging, so Tenant Screening Now is here to help. Tenant Screening Now is your one-stop-shop to know exactly who your prospective tenants are before they sign on the dotted line.

We have been in the Tenant Screening business since 1991and have been helping property owners and managers large and small make money-saving decisions about tenancy. We’ve all heard the horror stories about property ownership and management, so our job is to provide background checks to help you identify the best, most qualified tenants.  We are a Florida based corporation.

We offer personalized service during every step of the process. We email results, call you to discuss each tenant's information to help you make the best decision. The best part is YOU PAY NOTHING! Most of our clients require tenants to pay for this service. Oftentimes we can have the entire report generated in less than two hours, then we provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision on a final tenant choice comfortably.

With Tenant Screening Now, before you hand over the key, "KNOW WHO THEY ARE!"
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