Tenant Screening Now offers a comprehensive screening service for landlords and property managers. Our platform allows you to run background checks, credit checks, and eviction history checks on potential tenants, helping you make informed decisions about who to rent your property to.

As of July 9th 2020, TransUnion has made rental application inquiries a
soft hit, and it no longer affects your credit score.

Yes. There are actually two ways.  

1. You can fill in the online form.
2. Go HERE


You Can do the Following:

Option 1. Fill Out Application and Credit Authorization on your smartphone using Adobe
Download, Fill, Sign, Save and Send via in via email.

Option 2. Download to your computer, fill out in PDF program like Adobe - Sign, Save and Submit via email.

-SmartPhone Users - You can download Acrobat to assist you fill-out, sign, save and submit via email-

Remember - 4 Items to Submit
1. Application
2. Credit Card Authorization
3. Paystub
4. Drivers License
Signed, Completed and Accurate Application
Credit Card Authorization Form
Copy of Driver's License
Copy of Most Current Pay Stub

Click Here to Access Application
Valid Forms of ID
Driver's License
State IDs
Visa (depending on situation)
Please submit first two pages of your personal tax return. 
Another proof of income is sufficient. 
Call Trans-Union to un-freeze your file.

We cannot process your application if your credit is frozen.